Terms & Conditions of Business

These terms and conditions within apply to all commissions undertaken by Property Visual Ltd upon the instruction of our clients & agents.

Property Visual…

  • Shall provide professional digital photograph, floor planning & EPC services to the client.
  • Will notify the client or agent when the images are available by email with the images selection attached.
  • Shall rectify any changes free of charge where reasonable access and information have been provided and where all required amendments for a particular commission are notified to Property Visual. This will be executed within 24 hours.


  • All costs as per the price list of Property Visual unless specifically agreed otherwise and confirmed in writing.
  • Statements will be provided to agents, along with the monthly invoice.
  • Property Visual payment terms are strictly on the issue date of the invoice or unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Property Visual Ltd is not VAT registered.
  • All Property Visual images are deemed accepted by the client and due for payment upon appearing in or on any marketing material including but not limited to both online & printed media.
  • Refund requests should be reported within 24 hours of media delivery. If granted all refunds to be signed off and refunded within 14 days.
  • Invoices to be paid on receipt
  • Parking, LEZ, ULEZ & congestion charges are additional.
  • + 20% for non-regular users.


  • Country: Travel calculated at 45p per mile from Putney, SW15. 10 miles included.
  • Town: 30 minutes included. £50 per hour thereafter.

Late or Non Payment

  • Where a fee remains unpaid after one calendar month a 10% fee will be added per calendar month. This applies to any outstanding invoice.
  • Where legal proceedings are required for the recovery of any unpaid amount Property Visual may refuse further commissions from the agent or client and the agent or client accepts that the interest will be charged at a rate of 10% per calendar month on any outstanding amount.
  • The agent or client accepts liability for all costs incurred by Property Visual associated with debt recovery.


  • Appointments will be carried out unless weather conditions are unsuitable to do so.
  • Exteriors shots will be taken at the time arranged unless weather conditions are unsuitable in which case a re-visit must be arranged by the agent or client at a cost previously agreed or by default that years price list.


  • Property Visual aims to gain access as soon as possible of being asked to carry out the appointment unless otherwise agreed.
  • Photographs and related information will be supplied within 24 operational hours.
  • Properties should be in a suitable state of presentation to be photographed with regard to the overall tidiness of the property and that Health & Safety considerations have been met. It is not the responsibility of Property Visual to clear up properties or the moving of heavy items.
  • Cancelations to be made at a minimum of two hours prior to any appointment or no later than 5pm the previous day.
  • Failing to give 2 hours notice of cancelations will result in a the total fee for the specific job.


  • Property Visual ltd retains the right to amend these terms and conditions and will provide written notice of such changes.
  • Property Visual fees may be subject to change and will provide a minimum of 14 days written notice.
  • Property Visual reserves the right to refuse any commission for any reason at any time.
  • A charge may be applied if for the unreasonable time taken by Property Visual either in gaining access to the property or that the property is not suitably presentable resulting in an extended appointment time.
  • Property Visual draws your attention to the Property Misdescription Act 1991 (PMA) and will only enhance images in accordance with the PMA.
  • The use of Property Visual Ltd photography and/or floor plans without the express permission of Property Visual Ltd, or without payment, will result in a breach of copyright. A charge of £500 will be charged for any breach of copyright, in addition to any administrative and legal charges.
  • Images, floor plans & EPC’s are archived for six months prior to being deleted.
  • Should the basic editing of images per appointment take longer than 15 minutes then a £45 per hour fee will be added.
  • Property Visual Ltd operates on single appointments only or on a half or full day basis. Full or half days are either 4 or 8 hours and cannot be divided.
  • Congestion Charge will be added once per day should an appointment fall within the perimeter.

EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates)

  • Unpaid EPC’s (energy Performance certificates) remain the property of Property Visual until the invoice is paid.
  • If the square footage of an EPC is in dispute then Property Visual needs to be informed within 24 hours of receipt of the document. Property Visual also reserves the right to access the property to assess the square footage.
  • If an EPC remains unpaid for one calendar month then the person or company who instructs Property Visual will incur that cost.
  • If an EPC remains unpaid after one calendar month then a 10% interest charge will be added per month.

 Floor planS

  • Rooms will be labelled as they are currently laid out.
  • Changes to the floor plan must be requested within 24 hours of the submitted plan.
  • All plans supplied and drawn by Property Visual are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not intended for use as scale drawings.
  • All measurements and areas quoted are approximate whether a suitable disclaimer appears on the plan or not and Property Visual Ltd accepts no responsibility for any error, omission or mis-statement on the floor plan once accepted by the agent or client or after one week of the delivered plan.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the supplied plan correctly represents the property and Property Visual accepts no liability if the valuation of a property is based on the measurements of the floor plan drawn by Property Visual

Damage to a Property

  • The client accepts that any claim for damages will only be considered where notice of any such intended claim is provided in writing within 12 working hours of the appointment time.
  • Where damage is alleged to have been caused by Property Visual the agent or client will provide viewing details of the property as required by Property Visual up to and including the two days prior to the date of the alleged incident.
  • The agent or client will provide three independent written quotes from the owner of the property for the cost of replacing/or repairing the alleged damaged item (s).
  • Whereupon any liability for damage is accepted, Property Visual reserves the right to obtain a quote from an independent contractor and have any works carried out to the satisfaction of the property owner.

Opening Times

  • Monday to Friday 9 until 6pm
  • Bank & public holidays – Closed