Property Photography

Photography is our passion, always striving to achieve the best possible images. We search for new techniques & technology regularly to produce outstanding results and push the boundaries.

Holding the technique, knowledge & years of experience has created an established provider and a valued & trusted photographer.

We are flexible & committed to bring the very best imagery to our clients time & time again. Our clients continue to use us, we are always welcoming and adaptable to their needs and the needs of our new customers.

Bringing packages to suit all your needs we are here to help produce some stunning photographs. Whether you are after a full day shoot or a standout exterior shot we can help.

Tips for getting the most out of your photographs

Lets get things looking there best. To generate the interest and gain the best prices its crucial to have your property ready for when the photographer arrives. Not only does this free up the photographers time to concentrate on what they do best but will free up more time to produce a greater selection of images.

We’ve taken the time to write a list of the best practice guide to run through and help those who feel they might require a few pointers…

  • Clear the clutter. Move things from work tops. Move the magazine stack from the side of the sofa and hide the toys! Interior photography benefits from clean lines and the more space you can create in your home the better the outcome.

  • Lights. In order to produce a well lit and warm feel to a property it best to have these all working. Its a hassle but change any blown bulbs and make sure wall lights and table lights are all in working order.

  • Pets. Although we often photograph the pets in a shot its the bits they come with so best to remove baskets, bowls & toys from the shots.

  • Bins – Gone!

  • Straighten rugs and wipe down surfaces.

  • Windows. If you can see your child’s face print in them then they need a clean!

  • Outside. Mow the lawn, clear any clutter, move bins and toys and straighten up the garden furniture. One thing to consider, a tidy garden will show on some interior shots!

  • If your struggling where to put the bits and pieces you have moved, place them in boxes. This way, they can be easily moved.

  • Lastly, if in doubt, do without!

We appreciate this is a pain but the rewards will far outweigh the effort.